It is a dynamic time for the world-wide air express industry as it becomes increasingly global in scope recently. The character of the business concept of Express Systems International is to act as a bridge to assist international courier companies venture into the Asian marketplace without having invest any capital to get the best return. The objective of our services is to enable us to manage air express products by implementing a top quality service commitment to our international shippers.
Our services include:

  • Airport-to-Door Wholesale Courier
  • Airport-to-Door Air Express
  • Airport-to-Door Economy
  • Airport-to-Door Duty Inclusive
  • Air Cargo Consolidation
  • Express Cargo Clearance
  • International Air Freight
  • Inter-Country Transportation
  • On-Board Courier
  • Third Party Logistics
  • Warehousing & Storage

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TEL: (65)7431512 FAX: (65)7430302

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